Nails Enhancements

*Organic Dipping Powder (more than 700 colors available)
This product is without harsh chemicals, has added vitamins and calcium to strengthen natural nails; soak off easily, doesn’t damage the nail-bed. The nails get stronger, lightweight, and naturally long-lasting. Also, after removal the nails get are healthy and beautiful.
Dipping natural nails $40 +

(with manicure $45)

Extension $50 +
Acrylic/ Fiberglass (full set) $35 +
Acrylic/ Fiberglass (Fill) $28 +
With gel polish full-set $45 +
With gel polish Fill $38 +
White tip (full set ) $45 +
Color/glitter powder (full set) $50 +
Color/glitter powder (Fill change color) $43 +
Color/glitter powder (Fill same color) $38 +
Pink & White (full-set) $55 +
Fill Pink &White $45 +
Fill Pink only $38 +
Ombre powder (full-set) $55 +
Fill change color $45 +
Back Fill only $38 +
Quick Polish: (includes shape, buff) Reg polish $10
Gel polish $20
White tip Fill $38 +

* Additional Services

Soak off powder/gel (w/out service) $10
Repair $5 +
Med-extra long nails $5 - $15
Change shape, matte topcoat, French, Gel Color Fade $5
Nails Art/3D/Swarovski Gems $5 +
Special callus removal (leaves your feet soft and smooth) $10
Paraffin add $8
Collage sock $10
Extra massage (10 mins)

$10 with warm lotion

$10 with essential oils

$15 with Collagen (Gloves or Sock)

Special Shape (Almond, Pointed, Coffin,...) $5

Manicure Services

(All natural herb products)
1. Smoothing manicure

Start service with nails trimming, shaping and cuticle grooming, followed by light massages and hot towel wrap. The treatment finishes with your choice of polish.

Regular polish $20 | Gel polish $35

2. Baobab butter Manicure

Herbal and mineral bath soak your hands & nails which also includes a gentle exfoliation scrub followed by a message using a moisturizer containing high levels of antioxidants which will deliver all-day moisturizer for healthy & supple-looking skin.

Regular polish $33 | Gel polish $43

3. Ice Dancer Manicure

Includes all steps from baobab manicure followed by a relaxing massage with cooling gel and the hot stone massage that will stimulate & revive tired & over-worked hands.

Regular color $40 | Gel $50

4. Collage manicure

Treat your hand to a "facial" to keep them looking as young as you feel. This manicure begins with the proper pampering of your nails, exfoliating scrub to take away dead skin then hot stone massage and cooling gel are the next steps. Collage gloves enriched with shea butter, argan oil are wrapped around hands to insulate skin from premature aging and provide nourishing moisture.

Regular color $48 | Gel color $58

5. Essential oil manicure

The ultimate hand spa treatments. Includes all step from ice dancer manicure with scrub, hot stone, cooling gel massage add on longer massage with essential oil reduced the pain and increase the smoothness for your hands

Regular color $55 | Gel color $65

Eyelash Extension

Natural Lashes (individual) New Set $100
Natural Lashes (individual) Fill $65 +
Volumes Lashes New Set $120
Volumes Lashes Fill $80 +

Pedicure Services

1. Smoothing Pedicure $35

Start out with shaping nails, trimming cuticles, and buffing to the smooth finish of nails. Exfoliate dead skin with the scrub, a relaxing hot stone massage with lotion follows. The hot towel is applied before a beautiful polish of your choice to complete your getaway.

2. Coffee & Milk Pedicure $40

Pamper your feet in a rich bath of milk. Coffee sea salt scrub is rubbed on to give your skin a radiant glow. Relax hot stone massage with lotion follows. A coffee milk mask is also applied with a warm towel when your toenails get colored.

3. Lavender Pedicure $45

Relax in a luxurious, sultry scented bath steeped with organic lavender sea salt. Lavender aroma is excellent for sleep disorders as it relaxes the mind and relieves mental pressure. Your feet will be exfoliated with lavender scrub and rejuvenated with the mud mask and paraffin massage. This will leave a very relaxing experience you won’t forget.

4. Pedicure Couture $50

This is the fresh juice with luxury organic products. Enjoy a calming antioxidant-rich pedicure soak. Proper nail care such as shaping, cuticle trimming, and smooth buffing is performed. Skin is then thoroughly smoothed with a scrub. Mask fresh juice is applied to provide vitamins to help leave skin silky and soft, also reducing your skin’s water loss. Paraffin wax enriched with anti-aging, hot stone massage with lotion is the last step to leave your skin hydrated and quenched with natural beauty in every step!

Choice of fresh juices:

+ Tropical Splash: fresh orange add grapefruit is applied with the mask

+ Aloe Vera pedicure: fresh aloe vera is applied

5. Jelly Pedicure $50

jelly pedicure contains no harmful substances and is biodegradable. The natural plant extracts and oils, when combined with warm water, will transform into translucent jelly. The bits of jelly work as the natural exfoliant while plant oils deeply moisturize skin. Your feet will be rehydrated with the mud mask and paraffin wax. A hot stone and lotion massage is followed to completely relax your leg muscles.

6. Natural Herbal Pedicure $55

Nuskin products will be used for this pedicure. Relax your feet in therapeutic herbal & mineral soak. Nuskin liquid body luffa scrub using ground husks with aloe vera and combining grapefruit body bar to remove dirt, oil, and impurities. A relaxing massage with a cooling gel to stimulate and revive fatigued legs then the legs will be wrapped in hot towels. A soothing cream is applied to soften the calluses and relax your feet. The therapeutic foot cream is applied followed by a relaxing massage using a high level of antioxidants moisturizer which will deliver all-day moisturization for healthy, supple-looking skin.

7. Collage Pedicure $60

This pedicure is the ultimate spa experience. It starts with soaking your feet in aromatic salts and cleaning up nails and cuticles. Scrub and mud masks are used to exfoliate and moisturizes the skin. Warm lotion and hot rock massage are followed to deeply relax the muscle and improve blood circulation. Lastly, the college socks are wrapped around the feet. Enriched with collagen, olive oil, and argan oil, ultra-nutritious moisturizer penetrates quickly to protect, nourish, and moisturizes feet.

8. Essential Pedicure (the best herbal pedicure) $70

An essential oil diffuser will be turned on during your pedicure for a wonderful, exhilarating sensation that will motivate you throughout your day. A refreshing herbal and mineral bath soak followed by scrub exfoliating and removing dead skin cells. A relaxing massage with a cooling gel to stimulate and revive fatigued legs and will be wrapped in hot towels. Essential oil massage will reduce muscle pains, tiredness and bring true relaxation to you. Hot stone massage and paraffin wax increase your blood circulation. Also, 10 minutes massage with essential oil on shoulder and neck to completely reduces your stress away.

Gel Color $10 Add

Facial service (Anti-aging products)

1. AgeLoc Refreshing Mask (25 Mins - in pedicure chair) $35

Remove your makeup, oil, and dirt. Smooth the skin’s surface by releasing dead cell buildup and pore-blocking impurities. Deeply cleansing and purifying skin with lumispa massage machine to increase hydration, deliver your first infusion of ageLoc to reduce the sign of aging. A mask will be chosen for different kinds of skin. Extract impurities and rejuvenate damaged skin, keep skin healthy, beautiful, and fully moisturized. 

2. AgeLoc Facial Spa (30 Mins - in pedicure spa) $50

A European hot pillow will be wrapped around your neck to help you relax. Makeup, dirt removed, lumispa massage machine will deep clean the skin. 10 minutes luxury facial spa experience for a more radiant, youthful face. Choice of facial mask leaving the skin smooth and feeling refreshed. 

3. AgeLoc Face Lift (35 Mins - in pedicure chair) $60

Includes AgeLoc facial spa with special products that work immediately to lift, firm, and tone your skin while reducing the appearance of lines and wrinkles

If add-on AgeLoc Tru Face Essence Ultra to leave undefined skin in the past and enjoy firmer, younger-looking skin today and in the future. - $65

4. Customize Healthy Skin Facial (50 Mins - in facial room) $70

Steaming cleansing and toning your face. Exfoliate scrub takes off dead skin. Enjoy hand, arm, face, neck, shoulder massage. The mud mask is applied to refresh, firm your skin. Moisturizer cream is the last step for your facial.

5. Advanced Facial Treatment (60 Mins - in facial room) $80

Same as healthy facial above, then esthetician will use facial massage with a brush, vacuum, spray, smooth...for the products to work deeply in skin cells. Hot stone is also included in this facial.

6. Facial Couture Treatment (70 Mins) $90

You got anything everything you need for your face. Enjoy Essential oil fusion during a facial for more relaxation and reduce stress. Use professional-grade treatments based on skincare concerns. Deep cleaning, exfoliating, stress relief massage, mask, anti-aging treatment. Arm, hand, neck, and shoulder massage. 

Waxing Service

Eyebrows (cleaning and shaping) $12
Eyebrows & upper lip $17
Eyebrow, upper lip and chin $25
Upper lip $7
Chin $10
Full face $35
Half arm $30
Full arm $40 +
Under arm $20
Half leg $40 +
Full leg $50 +
Back or chest $45 +
Bikini $30 +
Brazilian $45 +

Ionic Foot Detox Program

20 minutes session $30
30 minutes session $40

Add 20 minutes foot detox with any pedicure service for only $20